PPS and PPB: Outcompeting Each Other in Incompetence

Portland Public Schools recently distributed comic books to all students within the system, including elementary students. Who knows what is on the first 23 pages, but the 24th page and back cover is this, a rather threatening and graphic explanation of Measure 11 charges and punishments. Really? Since the law doesn’t even apply to juveniles under 15, why do kindergartners need to be threatened informed that Sex Abuse II is when:

“You are baby-sitting or playing with a small child. You have sexual contact with them by touching their penis, vaginal area, or anus, or by making them touch you in those same places. You will go to prison and could be there for 6 years and 3 months.”

Who designed and approved this brochure? Why, Portland Police Bureau of course. Calling Chief Reese!

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